Food Tourism is the exploration of a destination through its unique culinary culture.

During travel, tourists are inquisitive and eager to explore the local cuisine of a destination which they are visiting since the food experience can be added to the whole travel experience at a minimal cost and effort. The memory of the place is taken back by the tourist not only through the local sightseeing but also through the taste of the food.

Food tourism can include activities like food walks, tea tasting, cooking classes, farm tours and various other activities directly or indirectly related to food and beverages.

Food Tourism is a rapidly growing sector of Indian tourism industry which so far has remained limited. The tourism potential of India not only lies in its diverse geography and history but also in the diverse culinary heritage. India is bestowed with the gift of its own unique taste of local food in every city and state which can be a dedicated exploratory journey of a region or it can be combined with a regular vacation package to enhance the experience.